Food Preservation Resources

Food Safety

  • Guide E-118: Storing Food Safely
    How many times have you wondered if you’ve kept food too long and asked, “Is it still all right to eat?” To help you decide whether to keep it or throw it out, here are some simple guidelines and a food storage timetable.

Pressure Canning

Because vegetables are naturally low in acid, canning them requires special precautions that differ from those for canning high-acid foods. Pressure processing is the only safe way to can vegetables without adding any acid. This guide provides the correct processing times and canner pressures for canning vegetables safely in New Mexico.

Pressure Cooking

  • Cooking with a Pressure Cooker
    This handy resource from prior Food Preservation courses taught at the NMSU-Bernalillo County CES Lab includes an Introduction to Pressure Cooking as well as discussions of the Three Generations of Pressure Cookers, a Safety Checklist, and the Three Methods of Releasing Pressure. Favorite recipes are also included, such as Swiss Steak, Chicken Cacciatore, Barbecued Spare Ribs, and a Three Minute Veggie Plate. By instructor Cindy Schlenker Davies.