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  • NMSU/ACES Interactive Online Games and Resources
    Families sheltering at home may find these resources offered by the NMSU Innovative Media handy. Posted 3/20/20
  • Featured Products - Games and more.
    Here's a sampling of the NMSU Learning Games Lab animations, games, and apps:

    • Outbreak Squad
      Keep the community from getting sicker! Use your team of heroes protect people.
    • Math Snacks
      Mid-school youth explore key math concepts through 5 games and 6 animations.
    • Ninja Kitchen
      A cafe staffed entirely by ninjas. Sophisticated game play reveals principles of food safety.
    • Virtual Labs
      Interactive food science modules train high school and college students in basic techniques.
  • NMSU YouTube Resources

    • NMSU Learning Games Lab - YouTube
      Educational animations for K-12, college students, and agricultural producers nationwide.
    • College of ACES - YouTube
      Educational videos and animations focused on agricultural topics relevant to New Mexico.
    • NMSU - YouTube
      NMSU's channel, including faculty presentations and other professional activities

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