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Turkey Resources

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Holiday Recipes

  • Guide E-215: High-Altitude Cooking
    At high altitudes most foods take longer to cook. Leavened bread products rise more rapidly and often collapse. Even vegetables and stews cooked with moist heat take much longer to cook.
  • Native New Mexican Holiday Foods (PDF) - Recipe Booklet
    A collection for your holiday enjoyment. Cook these favorite Native New Mexican treats with family and friends often included in workshops taught by Cindy Davies. Call or write if you have any questions: 505-243-1386 or Enjoy!

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Candy Making recipe booklet cover with photo of various chocolate candies in brown fluted holders

  • Candy Making - Recipe Booklet
    Ten sweet favorites. Good any time, but especially to treat holiday visitors and to make as gifts. Try these confections this holiday season. Recipes from candy-making classes regularly offered by Cindy Davies.
  • Bread Baking 101 - Recipe Booklet
    Basics of bread making includes tips for high-altitude adjustments for quick breads. See the Table of Contents for more information. A favorite during holiday baking season, by Cindy Davies.

Bread Baking 101 Cover with photo of a loaf of bread sitting on a cutting board

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