4-H Science, Healthy Living, Citizenship Curricula


STEM: 4-H Science encompasses Science, Engineering, Technology and Applied Mathematics. The history of 4-H is rooted in the concept of bringing new science and technology to the citizens by involving youth.

4-H National Youth Science Day: our premiere national rallying event for year-round 4-H Science programming. See Curriculum Kits on this page (to the left).

Environmental Science and Alternative Energy: 4-H's Environmental Science and Alternative Energy programs get youth involved in studying alternative energy, water conservation and the impact of humans on the environment.

Engineering and Technology: Filmmaking Studio and Workshop and Robotics programs help youth understand how important an interest in science, engineering and mathematics is to advancing our society's access to new technology.

Plant and Animal Science: 4-H makes plant and animal science exciting and engaging with its programs in veterinary science, guides for raising dogs and horses and an innovative partnership with Winning Investigative Network for Great Science (W.I.N.G.S.) which encourages 4-H'ers to become "citizen scientists" who collect important data on the population of butterflies around the country.

Outdoor Classroom Resources

Healthy Living

Health, Nutrition and Fitness: four signature programs provide the basis for many local and state activities to provide hands-on learning opportunities so youth can take action:

Preventative Health and Safety


Leadership and Personal Development

  • Youth In Governance allows young people an entry point to get involved in programs within their local and regional communities so they can share a voice, influence and decision-making power
  • Financial Champions shows youth the importance of saving money, how to use credit and teaches them what to consider when making decisions as a consumer
  • High School Financial Planning Program focuses on basic personal finance skills for pre-teens, teens, and young adults

Community Action

Communication and Expressive Arts