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  • September and October
    September is a good time to plant cool season vegetables for fall harvest as well as prep your garden for fall/winter.
    • Remove diseased or waning warm season vegetables.
    • Make room in your bed for your fall planting. It is OK to cut or pull producing plants; you do not need to have every single tomato, pepper, eggplant, or squash up until frost. Keep enough to enjoy and remove the rest.
    • Incorporate compost into your planting beds and re-hydrate your planting beds for adequate soil moisture throughout.
    • Recommended vegetables for planting include peas, carrots, beets, kale, chard, lettuce, radish, turnips.
    • Many can take a light frost, but a sheet or row cover to protect is recommended.
    • Establish cover crop now to last all winter.
  • Mid September - Mid October
    • A good time to plant garlic depending on your frost/freeze date range.
    • Create raised beds for planting next year:
      * Fill your raised beds with rotting wood, cut plant material, compost, dried leaves/straw, manure, and garden soil.
      * Water adequately and let it rest for planting next year.
      * You may need to top the bed with compost and soil next spring due to shrinkage.


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