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With increasing awareness of limited land and water resources along with an increasing desire to develop sustainable food sources, people are considering strategies for growing food in controlled Aquaponics environments: Integrated systems of growing fish and plants, utilizing recirculating water systems. We are including resources relating to system setup, growing fish and plants, water quality, as well as permits, safety, and other unique aspects of an aquaponics growing system.

Classes & Events

Introduction to Aquaponics - Webinar via Zoom

Join Charlie Shultz, Santa Fe Community College, and Rossana Sallenave, NMSU Cooperative Extension, as they present the basics of aquaponics in a 4-part webinar series. Learn about the system set up, water quality, raising fish, raising plants, and other topics related to an aquaponics system.

The webinar is free to attend, but registration is required.

  • Aquaponics Basics - an overview

  • Plants in the System

  • Fish in the System

  • Water Quality

This event is a collaboration between Santa Fe Community College and NMSU Cooperative Extension.


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References: Nov. 2 Aquaponics Workshop Presenters

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