County Leadership

Image of kids with teacher

Council is made up of youth representatives, with a wide array of backgrounds, from 4-H clubs in Bernalillo County.

The 4-H Council is the governing body of the Bernalillo County 4-H program. The Council seeks to unify and provide communications between the Bernalillo County 4-H Clubs.

The Bernalillo County 4-H Program and the 4-H Council is open to all 4-H members and leaders regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or national origin. 4-H Council consists of three voting delegates from each 4-H club in Bernalillo County.

Officers represent Bernalillo County 4-H at official functions, coordinate events attended by youth and organize training for new 4-H members. The 4-H Council Leadership Team also organizes countywide fundraising activities and community service projects.

In addition officers log numerous hours educating others about the value 4-H programs bring to hundreds of youth across Bernalillo county and represent 4-H to the media and public.