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Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters

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Due to the covid-19 pandemic we have had to cancel all our classes since mid-March. We will reschedule them whenever we are able. But, please note our online class below. We hope to offer more, so please check back. And, feel free to email us your questions and learn about composting using the resource links in the left-hand column of this page. Also note resource links in class descriptions at the bottom of this page. It is safe to compost. This is a good time to start a compost pile in your backyard or a bokashi bucket in your kitchen.

To see a list of classes we have offered this year or that have been cancelled due to the pandemic, please see our archive page: Classes and Other Activities for the Public 2020.

Any Time

Composting with Worms, An Online Class: Presentation by a BCE Master Composter and sponsored by the Bachechi Open Space: Here is a direct link to the class. (Presentation starts at around 1:57.) If you have questions about the class or contents, please email Instructor: Mary Green.

Class Descriptions

Bucket Composting with Bokashi Method: Home composting is recycling that produces a useful soil conditioner. The Bokashi bucket method is a useful choice for, but not limited to, small indoor spaces, eg. apartments and condos. It is neat, tidy, and requires little physical labor. The science and methodology of this method will be presented and demonstrated so that a participant can easily get started at home. Prior to the class a useful read by Adam Footer is posted at Reading Materials.

Composting in Tumbler Bins: The class will cover the basics of home composting in the desert. The science, art, materials, methods, choices and benefits will be included. Then, particular emphasis will be on successful use of tumbling bin containers. Prior to the class, participants would benefit from reading Tips for Using Composting Tumbler Bins in the Desert.

Composting with Worms: Worm composting is recycling that produces a useful soil conditioner. The class will include the selection of an appropriate worm species and creating a healthy environment for that species. Useful take-home information will cover all aspects of setting up and managing a worm composting operation indoors or outdoors. Prior to the class you may read all of the useful information at Worm Sources.

Home Composting Basics: Home composting is recycling that produces a useful soil conditioner. Basic composting science will be presented with a special focus on useful practices for a high desert climate. A variety of home composting options will be covered. Useful take-home information will help a participant get started and / or improve an already chosen composting method. Prior to the class it may be useful to read our brochures: (1) Composting in the Desert, and (2) Selecting a Method that Works for You.

Improving Desert Garden Soil: Amending desert garden soil is a continuous effort. The class will cover the basics of soil constituents, soil testing and the benefits of the soil food web. The value of finished compost will emphasized. Options for improving soil fertility and resiliency in the face of warm temperatures and low precipitation will be presented. Useful take-home information will allow participants to plan for and implement soil amending practices right away. Prior to the class a useful read, The Soul of the Soil by Grace Gershuny, posted at Reading Materials.

Raised Bed Gardening and Composting: Raised garden beds in the high desert present many useful management options for home gardeners. Soil, amendments, mulches and irrigation methods are well-contained by raised beds. The class will will cover set-up, soil, irrigation, mulching, and sheet composting for soil fertility in a raised bed.