GutiƩrrez-Hubbell House Backyard Composting Series

handful of compost

Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters

Home composting is a straightforward way to recycle kitchen and yard leftovers into an excellent desert garden soil amendment. Join us for a series of quarterly hands-on workshops at the beautiful and historic Gutiérrez-Hubbell House as we demystify composting and explore a variety of approaches suitable to different scales and situations. The workshops will present a variety of home composting methods. Each composting setup will remain in place so that participants may stop by and take a look at the on-going composting demonstration zone. You will be able to observe composting in action.

Where: Workshops will be held at the Gutiérrez-Hubbell House. 6029 Isleta Boulevard SW. Here is a map to the location.

Cost and Registration: Workshops are FREE, but registration is required. Send email to

Schedule: Following are the workshops currently on the calendar. You can attend any single workshop or all of the workshops. Please check back because more workshops will be added in th future.

9:00 am to noon
Home Composting Basics
The class will benefit both beginning and experienced composters. We'll start indoors and then continue outdoors with demonstrations of various composting setups.
Instructor: John Zarola.
9:00 am to noon
Sheet Mulch Composting
This will be a hands-on outdoor workshop.
Instructors: Michael Reed and staff.
9:00 am to noon
Bucket Composting with Bokashi Method
We will demonstrate all aspects of the Bokashi composting method from preparation of the bokashi bran inoculant to application of the finished fermented product and everything in between ... and beyond.
Instructors: Rye Bailey and Michael Reed.
9:00 am to noon
Composting With Worms Interactive Workshop
We'll discuss where worms fit into a backyard, home-scale composting scheme and the details of how to do it. Then we'll play and get messy. You'll have the opportunity to handle the worms and the compost. Participants will go home with some red wigglers if they want them.
Instructors: Mary Green and Michael Reed.

The series is a collaboration of the Hubbell House Alliance and staff, the Bernalillo County Open Space Program, and the Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters. If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of an auxiliary aid or service to participate in the classes, please contact us in advance.