Small Animal Sale

The Small Animal Sale at the Bernalillo County 4-H Fair includes only poultry and rabbits and is the only Sale of its kind in New Mexico. Included in the Small Animal Sale is the 1st place Sale Ring Pie and Cake are exhibited in Youth Hall.

The Sale serves several purposes including:

  • SAS serves as a way for youth to understand the cost and care associated with managing livestock and how to handle the profits from their hard work

  • SAS provides the opportunity for 4-H youth to continue their small animal projects and gives those who wish to belong to 4-H the opportunity to purchase quality stock.

  • SAS is an opportunity for 4-H members who are in small animal projects to sell the animals they have raised to fund next years project.

  • SAS is designated to help 4-H youth who live in the city and cannot have large livestock to start higher education funds.